discovering sustainable mobility solutions : Land, Sea and Air 

Free admission from 9am to 7pm on the Port de Saint-Tropez

A unique event open to everyone with a programme of presentations and testing, lectures, workshops and panel discussions.

Objective: understanding the challenges, learning about the innovations and testing virtuous mobility solutions that are good for both the environment and the economy.


The International Sustainable Mobility Meetings bring together key actors in the sector:

  • professionals, regional authorities, innovative businesses and major manufacturers taking part: Airbus, Alsthom, BNP Paribas, CAP Energie, Deloitte, DREAL, Energy Observer, ENGIE, EVbox, Hynovar, Mobil’Air, Michelin, Symielec…
  • car manufacturers : Audi, Jaguar, Renault, Smart, Volkswagen
  • and high-profile figures involved in supporting virtuous mobility solutions: former minister of the environment Jean-Louis Borloo, astronaut Bertrand Piccard, eco-explorer Raphaël Domjan, yachtsman Yves Parlier, aeronautical specialist Michel Polacco, philosophers Luc Ferry and Cynthia Fleury.


Revelations and presentations being previewed:

-> Presentation and analysis of the international study MOBILITY FUTURES 2019 by the Institut Kantar

-> Overview of the connected mobility offering with exclusive video testimony from Frédéric Mazzella – Founder and President of Blablacar

-> Study on the Environmental Impact of Sustainable Land Mobility by DELOITTE 

-> The hydrogen revolution presented by ENGIE

-> Mobil’Air Intermob Study Presentation : individuals and changing urban mobility.



 Friday 20 September – Press Day
10am – 6pm : presentations, tests et trials in the RIMD village
Live workshops for young audiences and schools – “I’m learning Energy” by Engie

10.30am – 11.30am: Sustainable Mobility Search by PhDTalent
Doctors and doctoral students will be presenting their research work in the fields of Land Sea and Air Mobility and in the field of Energy.
3pm – 4.15pm : Lecture Humans and mobility, the philosophical approach by Cynthia Fleury

Saturday 21 September – Sustainable Land and Air Mobility
10am – 11am : Panel Discussion The challenges of sustainable land mobility
11.30am – 11.45am – Presentation of Sustainable Mobility Search Awards with PhDTalent
12pm – 1.15pm : Official opening of the RIMD village
in the presence of Jean-Pierre Tuveri Mayor of Saint-Tropez, Jean-Louis Borloo former minister of the environment, this year’s patron, personalities and organisers.
3pm – 4.15pm : Lecture by Bertrand Picard
4.30 – 6pm : The challenges of air mobility with participation from Raphael Domjan (SolarStratos), Airbus, Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur and Hovertaxi

Sunday 22 September – Sustainable sea mobility
10.30am – 11.30am : Panel Discussion: State of our oceans, the latest innovations in maritime travel, chaired by Denis Horeau with participation from Yves ParlierSeaAirMaud Fontenoy, shipping companies, owners …
2.15pm – 14.45pm : Mobil’Air Intermob Study talk – Individuals and changing urban mobility chaired by Claudia Teran Escobar – Doctor of Psychology
3pm – 4.30pm : Lecture Inspirational explorers and maritime innovations with participation from Raphael Domjan (Planet Solar), Energy Observer, Plastic Odyssey, Sphyrna Odyssey and Sits Alive


Monday 23 September – Economic players in sustainable mobility / Green Hydrogen Revolution
10.45AM – 11.45am : DELOITTE : Environmental Impact of Sustainable Land Mobility
12pm – 13.15pm : Panel Discussion New patterns of connected and autonomous mobility consumption with ENGIE, EVbox, SYMIELEC
Exclusive testimony from Frédéric Mazzella, Founder and President of BLABLACAR

Green Hydrogen Revolution
2.30pm – 3.45: Status and short-term prospects in France and abroad with ENGIE, AFHYPAC, DREAL…
4pm – 5.10pm : Hydrogen mobility in the regions with MichelinENGIE, CAP Energie, CCI (Hynovar), Safra (Hydrogen Bus made in France)
5.30pm – 6.30pm : Start-up exhibitor pitch ” powered by ENGIE’ 

Tuesday 24 September – Professional Day
Tailored B2B meetings: start-ups, sponsors, media, Chamber of Commerce…
10am – 11am : Buying electric vehicles : what are the tax issues for businesses ? with the Volkswagen group
2.30 – 4pm : The automobile, between slavery and freedom with Luc Ferry
2.30pm – 3.30 pm : Start-up exhibitor pitch ”powered by ENGIE

From 20 September to 2 October – Exhibition ” Pioneers and explorers in solar energy ”, a French premiere
Presented by the Planet Solar Foundation, this exhibition brings together unique objects and pieces that mark the main stages in the history of solar energy pioneering. (Salle Jean-Despas, )



-> Relevant solutions and innovations: boats, drones, electric cars, electric and hydrogen-powered bicycles, motor scooters, scooters, motorbikes…

-> Interactive workshops for children and teens, to discuss thoughts and views on a futuristic vision of travel.

-> An exploratory journey into sustainable mobility innovations.

-> A wide range of high-level lectures covering our primary concern : the interaction between technological evolution and the human dimension, at the Hôtel de Paris near the port and in the exhibition village.

Outdoor testing and demonstrations including :

AUDI et their AUDI e-tron (all-electric SUV),

Smart Electric ForFour and ForTwo, Smart’s intelligent electromobility.

Renault ZOE, all-electric city car and the Tiwzy (two-seat car)

Volkswagen will be presenting its range of electric cars

Jaguar’s I Pace


KIA e-Soul and Kia e-Niro

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai

Hydrogen-powered bikes by ENGIE with Pragma Industries’ Alpha bike.

SKODA will be presenting their new electric bike concept as well as their scooter offering

E-Gazelles : First all-electric class in the world of rally-raid launched by Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc.

Solution V, electric mobility specialists will be organising tests of the Buggy E Cross

AA/Rok: The futuristic-looking solar-powered SunWave catamaran, ” fully autonomous at speeds up to 5 knots”

Lanéva Boats : sustainable all-electric boats featuring a smart navigation system

Beyond the Sea: Learn about specialised kite technology used to tow boats

SEAir Flying Boat: The start-up making zodiacs fly

NEOEAN will be presenting their overboat, a boat that is both clean and silent

Seabubbles will be presenting their Bubble Taxi car-size hydrofoils intended for passenger transport on urban waterways

Vita Power : electric outboards

Sea Provenwith Sphyrna, the world’s biggest civilian surface drone.

FinX: Engines inspired by fish fins

Hovertaxi: The all-electric flying taxi for distances of 15 to 20 km.

Supraways : automated people and goods transport system, on a dedicated air infrastructure…

Also worth discovering: innovations and practical solutions for everyday travel, including EVBox, the world’s leading manufacturer of charging stations and associated services for electric vehicles, Electric55 Charging electric charging solutions, Dynamo Location, long-term electric bike rental service for companies, local authorities and the tourism sector, Ligne de Chaine, the only training organization dedicated solely to electric vehicles …



From 20 to 24 September and 9am to 7pm

Free admission from 9am to 7pm on the port of Saint-Tropez

A unique event, based on an original idea from the city of Saint-Tropez and its Mayor

organised in partnership with THE FIFTH ELEMENT ASSOCIATION

Full programme: