Sustainable food systems and diets

The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation was established in 2010 in memory of Daniel Carasso, founder of Danone in France and Dannon in the USA, and his wife Nina. The Foundation is a family organization, totally independent from the Danone group. On its Executive  Committee sit its president, Marina Nahmias (daughter of Daniel & Nina), her family and individuals with expertise in their fields of work. Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation works to fund projects in two areas of great importance for human development:

  • Food to sustain life.
  • Art to nourish the mind.

The Foundation’s scope of intervention is primarily France and Spain. It is nevertheless prepared to take action in other countries in response to emergency situations – particularly environmental crises – by supporting projects that come within its ambit.

The Foundation seeks to use its financial support to:

  • Facilitate encounters and opportunities that bring together fields of enquiry whose paths do not always cross and make the previously impossible possible.
  • Spotlight innovative action and capitalize on good practices in order to share them as widely as possible.
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    Fondation Daniel & Nina Carrasso
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