Leader in France making natural, organic products

LÉA NATURE is an independent French company founded in 1993 by Charles Kloboukoff with the aim of making natural and organic certified products that are kind to people and the environment and available to everyone.

LÉA NATURE lines business : Food, Health/Nutrition, Cosmetics, Homme

They have 15 brands of organic and natural prod distributed to retail chains, supermarkets and  specialized stores (pharmacies and organic health food stores).

LÉA NATURE has come a long way from its start in 1993 developing and distributing products, to becoming an industrial figurehead of the natural and organic product industry today.  The company boasts 1,600 products, 65% of which are manufactured in-house.  77% of our finished products are certified organic.

At each step of our growth process, their objectives and initiatives were established in terms of our environmental vision:

  • preserving biodiversity and natural resources;
  • Supporting non-profit organizations in implementing public health and environmental initiatives;
  • Promoting awareness of social solidarity initiatives across generations;
  • Implementing alternatives to agro-industrial organic production that is not traceable, by pursuing the development on a local basis of organic crop and plant farming.
  • Supporting research demonstrating the negative and hidden health impacts of conventional chemical products.


1% for the Planet Member

Since 2007, organic brands have joined 1% for the planet and LÉA NATURE is one of the main donators in France and at the European level. Since 2007, about 800 environmental conservation projects have been supported by LÉA NATURE thanks to its Foundation. Total funding has amounted to € 6.5 million.  75% of these projects were in France, while the other 25 % were overseas.


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