A small, powerful expert, NGO determined to fight the destruction of the ocean and livelihoods

BLOOM is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 that works to preserve the marine environment and species from unnecessary destruction and to increase social benefits in the fishing sector. BLOOM wages awareness and advocacy campaigns in order to accelerate the adoption of concrete solutions for the oceans, humans and the climate. BLOOM carries out scientific research projects, independent studies and evaluations that highlight crucial and unaddressed issues such as the financing mechanisms of the fishing sector. BLOOM’s actions are meant for the general public as well as policy-makers and economic stakeholders.

Their actions : Electric Pulse Fishing and Deep sea

Claire Nouvian, Founder and Board Chair, was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in San Francisco, the 23 April 2018 for BLOOM’s fierce battle against deep-sea bottom trawling. This campaign led to an EU-wide trawl ban ban below 800 meters, which came into force in early 2017.

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