One of their support programs : Les Petites Pierres, a collaborative crowdfunding platform that doubles donations for a decent habitat

Concerned by housing conditions that are too often inadequate in France but also worldwide, Somfy Foundation is committed to assist non-profit organisations thanks to financial support and a human help involving the company employees.

This commitment aims at helping vulnerable people to live in decent conditions and intends to contribute to a fairer society.

To outline its approach and reinforce its impact, Somfy Foundation relies on two support programs: Les Petites Pierres, a collaborative crowdfunding platform (, which supports local projects in France and A House is A Home, a mutual assistance international program, which opens the way for a wider contribution to the poor housing cause thanks to the involvement of 10 Somfy’s subsidiaries.

Les Petites Pierres endowment fund  is a solidarity crowdfunding platform dedicated to the poor housing cause in France. The platform is aimed at non-profit organisations and associations involved in the fight for decent housing. It enables concrete projects that bring local solutions to poor housing stakes to benefit from a crowdfunding impact.
The platform’s ambition  is to reinforce the bounds created between the foundation and the non-profit associations by allowing other stakeholders, like citizens and companies, to contribute to the dynamic.
To gather all the stakeholders on the platform enable non-profit associations to raise the power of their aid appeal and to speed up the implementation of their projects.

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