The international scientific prize for sustainable food research

The Premio Daniel Carasso is an international scientific prize of €100,000 awarded to high-level researchers every two years. Laureates’ research must adopt original approaches and combine several of the environmental, economic, social and nutritional dimensions of sustainability that should necessarily be addressed together. Researchers must also be recognized by their peers, particularly scientists. Finally, they must be able to think collectively and cooperate with other researchers and professionals.

The Premio Daniel Carasso provides unique support for multidisciplinary research and scientific synergy. This year’s laureate will be announced at an official ceremony on 18 May in Valencia, the 2017 World Food Capital. In November 2012, the first Premio Daniel Carasso was awarded to Dr Jessica Fanzo for her work on relationships between agricultural biodiversity and nutritional needs in developing countries. In October 2015, the second Premio Daniel Carasso was awarded to Dr Tara Garnett for her work at the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) and her research on leveraging sustainable diets to tackle climate change.

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso supports substainable food research 

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso was founded in early 2010, under the aegis of the Fondation de France. Since 2010, this family organisation has provided a total of €25 million to more than 200 projects in France and in Spain, making it one of the largest contributors to sustainable food issues in France. Its goal is to identify and support levers for change, encouraging and increasing the presence of the presence of sustainable food systems. These systems must aim to successfully feed the world’s populations (with food that is nutritionally adequate in terms of quantity and quality), support local economic development and employment, protect biodiversity and natural resources, preserve and promote local cultures, foster social ties and socio-economic integration, and help regions adapt to climate change.

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso plays an exploratory role: it gives project leaders opportunities to develop new actions and assess impacts. It helps establish networks for those involved in bringing about change: non-profit organisations, researchers, local authorities, economic actors, citizen-consumers and contributors working to create new approaches to the sustainable management of food, a public good.

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso uses its expertise, network, and financial and strategic resources to support and increase the visibility of pioneering experiments that will help define the characteristics of food systems in the 21st century.

The Fondation also federates international research bodies seeking to address tomorrow’s food issues. In addition to creating the international scientific prize, the Premio Daniel Carasso, it launched the international panel of experts IPES-Food, a group of high-level experts specialising in sustainable food systems, co-chaired by Olivier de Schutter, former United Nations special rapporteur on the right to food.

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso contributes around €2 million per year to actions focusing on international politics and research on sustainable food systems, €1.3 million of which is directly awarded to research projects.  The Fondation also supports high-level multidisciplinary projects to encourage interactions between scientific disciplines and cultures. Since its creation, it has assisted around 50 research teams in 19 countries working on cross-disciplinary and inclusive research in a wide range of fields (see more details in the press kit).

The Fondation also supports the UNESCO Chair on World Food Systems (SupAgro Montpellier), which aims to bring together different disciplines and stakeholders involved in understanding food systems and their dynamics.



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