Claire Nouvian winner of the 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize

Claire Nouvian, Founder and Board Chair of the NGOs BLOOM was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize the 23 April 2018 in San Francisco for BLOOM’s fierce battle against deep-sea bottom trawling. This campaign led to an EU-wide trawl ban ban below 800 meters, which came into force in early 2017.

Created in 1989 by Richard and Rhoda Goldman, the Goldman Prize is often described as the “Nobel Prize for the Environment” and rewards conservationists from six continents each year.

This award is a major recognition for the uncompromising battles fought by all recipients to end the destruction of our planet, sometimes at the expense of their lives, as was the case for Berta Cáceres and Isidro Baldenegro López. Winners of the Goldman Prize have in common to achieve concrete results for the environment although all the odds are stacked against them: multinationals, governments, institutions, state science, mafia, and sometimes armed forces.

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