Serving actors with a positive and lasting impact #Allactors


Life style - Low impacts consumption

organic products, eco-designed requirements, local food, fairtrade, sharing economy, collaborative platforms, locavores, crowfounding, sustainable mobility…

Citizen arts - Culture

citizen arts, festivals and culture, youth for better living together and sharing of natural resources.
Mobilize collective intelligence and knowledge. Art of change (the people designed by “accelerators of change”: committed artists, youth, new talents, changemakers...)

Environmental protection

agroecology, climate change, biodiversity, water, marine protection, energy conservation, waste management and recycling, eco-friendly architecture, passive house...

Solidarity - Education

food security, public health, education, fight against precariousness and exclusion, human rights, accessibility, employment ...

Sustainable business and economy

social entrepreneurship, innovations and starts up, solidarity economy, collaborative economy, circular economy, social and fair initiatives, holacracy ...

We tailor a communication agile, inventive, strategic & creative

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MAJOR EARTH© : Instruction for use…

From a preliminary diagnosis, we propose customized solutions adapted to your identity and to your budget …
Diagnosis. Our approach of the communication is based on a preliminary diagnosis, established together from the existing, the expressed needs, your expectations and the context in which joins your activity.
Strategy. It is possible to reconcile the professionalism of the communication with limited means: they are at first ideas, method, coherence between acts and messages, conception of tools in the service of messages and planning of the actions. The expertise of Terre Majeure© allows you to conceive a successful strategic frame for your corporate, plea, political or commercial communication.
Accompanying and implementation. Terre Majeure© assist you in a punctual way or on the duration, conceives tools and realizes the actions recommended by your strategic frame. We freshens up your image and carries out tailor-made actions suited to your identity and objectives. Our skills allow us to work towards every type of media, in particular towards the community media.
Evaluation. Our method allows to raise a qualitative and quantitative balance assessment, to make a constructive evaluation (waits / results) of the collaboration between Terre Majeure© and its customers. Evaluate the effectiveness of our press relations campaigns, assess its editorial impact coverage according to multimedia, analyze messages conveyed by the media : these are the areas of expertise we can provide to you.
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The agency

A creative agency serving actors with a positive and lasting impact #Allactors

” You have to be the change that you wish to see in this world ” Gandhi

Founded in January 2008, Terre Majeure© (Major Earth©) is an public relation agency, engaged with her customers to promote best practices regarding natural resources and human dignity. Terre Majeure© assists the civil society players by the conception and the responsible implementation of communication programs facilitating the emergence of new forms public citizens’ expressions.

The multiple current crises questions the main economic and political models. In the context of excessive globalization, ecology aims to replace the human being within its environment by valorising his socially just and solidarity initiatives.

It’s with this vision of the world inverted that Terre Majeure© places, convinced of the significant role of the communication to redefine the interdependance between the human bieng and his environment.

Terre Majeure© assumes its responsibility to relay messages and information with two major objectives:

  • To contribute to the emergence and generalization of ethical and responsible professional communication practices
  • To network civil society by the participation in activities of reflection and exchanges


Promote innovative initiatives, socially and ecologically responsible.
Capitalize on our respective skills and our expertise to launch new viewpoint on the messages.
Question our own practices and yours to pratice releviance and coherence.
To get involved with civil society and participate in the collective reflection to practice our citizenship.

Create a mode of collaboration based on the qualitative and ethical requirements, mutual commitment, participation and transparency.
Follow the credibility between actions and speeches for coherence : let know and not exploit …

Join a network of creative and inspired professionals.

Estimate objectively our collaborations and realizations.
Attempt to estimate the real impact of media coverage.

What we do

Consulting and strategy communication, medias, influencers, social networks

Media training

Audit, competitive and PR analysis

Design and organise press events

Products lunch

Corporate PR

Organize and publice surveys, barometers, opinion poll

Writing press releases, press kit, opinion column

Coordination of interviews, filming and TV studio sets

Media partnerships

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