Our references



  • French Committee for the International Solidarity (CFSI) : Festival of documentaries called ALIMENTERRE (Ed 2008,2009, 2010)
  • Terre de Liens (social financing to allow farmers’ installation and development of the organic farming)
  • Coordination Rurale (2nd french farmers’ union) and OPL, milk branch of CR.
    • PR of the first European milk strike (September 2009) and of their XVIe annual convention



  • Association BLOOM, marine conservation and campaigns for sustainable fishing
  • The French Water Partnership (FWP)
    • PR of the french delegation for the World Water Forum (Istanbul, Marseille) for RIO+20 and the Africities summit
  • Water Coalition.  Water Coalition brings together 22 NGOs actively involved in water and sanitation issues, as WWF, Green Cross, Friends of the Earth, France Libertés, Caritas France ….
    • PR for the world day of the water of March 22nd, 2008



  • French Environment and Energy Management Agency
  • Parisian climat agency
  • 1% for the planet (environmental sponsorship)
  • Green Business & Eco-industries Exhibition (Ed. 2011, 2012,2013, 2014)
  • IUCN & French Devolpment Agency to the IUCN World Parks Congress | Sydney 2014
  • Environnement Vôtre Exhibition (Ed. 2011)
  • Résistants pour la Terre, Ed. VIATAO (publisher of responsible tourism guides) : meeting all around the world with 21 Gold Man, environmental prize.
  • Solving Efeso France, public policies & sustainable development department



  • Léa Nature Group, organic products manufacturer. Léa Nature have 14 brands on natural and organic cosmetics, organic food, healthy and diet products, and cleaning products for house.
  • VEGEPLAST, spécialiste des bio emballages 100% compostables & écocapsules à café compatibles Nespresso 100% biodégrables
  • Ushuaïa by Ethnika Voyages, responsible tourism.
  • Aquachiara, microfiltered water. A ZERO kilometre logic which limits any environmental impact due to hydrocarbons (road transport and packing).
  • Bioalaune.com, first virtual show that devotes to the organic products and business
  • Max Havelaar France
  • Dess Création, designer of furnitures (regenerative design)
  • Inakis.fr, e-site of ethical, fair and environemental products & services



  • TEAM JOLOKIA, a sailing team as social laboratory of the diversity & living together
  • FOUR PAWS, international animal charity
  • CFTC, french trade union (TV & radios PR for the national debate about the governmental policy for the elderly persons (medical care, old-age pension..).
  • URIOPSS Ile-de-France and the  ALERT COMITY (poor housing)
  • Batisseurs de possibles & SynLab (Community and platform of the actors of the educational change)



  • TBWACorporateNonProfit, for their custumer AdomicileServices (services à la personne).
  • COOPANAME (first french cooperative of businessmen).
  • KINOME, & Nicolas METRO (Social businessman, fellow Ashoka), struggle against deforestation, agroforestry
  • COALITION FOR A CITIZEN TRANSITION (Attac, les AMAP, Biocoop, le réseau Cocagne, le mouvement Colibris, la CFé, Enercoop, Energie Partagée, la NEF, Terre de Liens, le Plan ESSE, Villes et Territoires en transition)

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