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MAJOR EARTH© : Instruction for use…

From a preliminary diagnosis, we propose customized solutions adapted to your identity and to your budget …

Diagnosis. Our approach of the communication is based on a preliminary diagnosis, established together from the existing, the expressed needs, your expectations and the context in which joins your activity.

Strategy. It is possible to reconcile the professionalism of the communication with limited means: they are at first ideas, method, coherence between acts and messages, conception of tools in the service of messages and planning of the actions. The expertise of Major Earth© allows you to conceive a successful strategic frame for your corporate, plea, political or commercial communication.

Accompanying and implementation. Major Earth© assist you in a punctual way or on the duration, conceives tools and realizes the actions recommended by your strategic frame. We freshens up your image and carries out tailor-made actions suited to your identity and objectives. Our skills allow us to work towards every type of media, in particular towards the community media.

Evaluation. Our method allows to raise a qualitative and quantitative balance assessment, to make a constructive evaluation (waits / results) of the collaboration between Major Earth© and its customers. Evaluate the effectiveness of our press relations campaigns, assess its editorial impact coverage according to multimedia, analyze messages conveyed by the media : these are the areas of expertise we can provide to you.

Created in January, 2008, Major Earth© pay attention to implement communications tools and logistics of the events press who were thought to reduce the ecological footprint (ecological office stationery, green messengers, organic and fair caterers, alternative transport).