ISSEY MIYAKE and BLOOM Association raise awareness in the fashion world to the fragile beauty of the deep oceans

Amazed by the extraordinary world he found in the book ABYSSES by Claire Nouvian, designer Yusuke Takahashi used the fantastic deep-sea marine bestiary as an inspiration for the ISSEY MIYAKE Men collection Spring/Summer 2015, presented this June 26 to the international press. “We replicated and saturated in colors some of the mysterious inhabitants of this fragile ecosystem. The deep-sea habitat of these fascinating creatures is full of surprises that remain to be explored. Collaboration between ISSEY MIYAKE MEN and BLOOM Association aims to explore the…

A new crowdfunding website with the world exclusive

Official launch on September 28 of new crowdfunding website with the world exclusive participative funding of the live-action movie adaptation of the cult animated series THE MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD ! Although it is based on crowdfunding which allows funding of original creations by donations from individuals, the new website FANSFUNDING.COM goes even further by proposing to unite and mobilize existing international fan communities around a common project : the participative funding of the movie adapted from the work or the artist (in the…

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